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During an interview with GQ , the "Tiny Dancer" singer, 72, opened up about why he has never watched "Bohemian Rhapsody," the biopic about the band Queen and its lead singer Freddie Mercury.

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I couldn't watch it because I'm so close to Freddie. I've seen snippets of it and I thought that Rami Malek was fantastic, but being Freddie's dearest friend, I couldn't watch it," John confessed to the publication. The two friends got chummy as their stars were both rising during the s, even bringing fellow British rocker Rod Stewart into the mix. John also said Mercury and a group of other famous musicians helped him seek treatment for his drug abuse problem. Mercury even asked a friend to take John to rehab. John eventually agreed and got sober in The 'Bohemian Rhapsody" admission comes after another truth bombshell from the interview -- the live-action remake of "The Lion King" was "a huge disappointment" to John.

Bush View Story. The magic and joy were lost. Keep up the good work! Our hope is that whether you're a parent, youth leader or teen, the information and tools at Plugged In will help you and your family make appropriate media decisions. We are privileged to do the work we do, and are continually thankful for the generosity and support from you, our loyal readers, listeners and friends. Farrokh was born in Zanzibar to Indo-Parsi parents who practiced Zoroastrianism.

After his parents immigrated from Africa to England in his late teens, he drifted around the periphery of London's burgeoning rock scene in the late '60s. Farrokh's protruding buck teeth earned more mockery. His shy, effeminate mannerisms made him an easy target. One night in after a band dubbed Smile watches its lead singer stomp off, the young immigrant offers his services. Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor scoff. And the history of Queen as it unspools from to is as dramatic as it is tragic—especially when it comes to Freddie Mercury's insatiable desire for love, a quest that consumed his life.

Though Freddie Mercury's passions trend in self-destructive directions, his talent, drive and intensity cannot be denied. Those qualities fuel Queen's rise, propelling the group past many obstacles. Though Queen's members experience tensions at times, they generally exhibit deep loyalty.

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Freddie eventually realizes that his manipulative personal manager, Paul Prenter, has sought to divide him from the band. So Freddie fires Paul and tries to repair the damage that Freddie realizes he's done to the other three members of Queen the aforementioned Brian May and Roger Taylor, as well as bassist John Deacon.

Another hugely significant relationship in Freddie's life is Mary Austin, whom he meets early in his career. They fall in love, and Freddie writes the song "Love of My Life" for her. He proposes and slips a wedding ring on her finger, though they never legally tie the knot although that point is never really clarified one way or the other in the film itself. Freddie tells her that when he performs, "I'm exactly the person I was always made to be.

I'm not afraid of anything.

You're the love of my life. Even as Freddie's attraction to men becomes more and more apparent, the two still share a bond of affection and commitment. Freddie eventually tells someone, "Mary knows me in a way no one else ever will. Freddie has a complicated, painful relationship with his father. The older man tersely tells a young Freddie: "Good thoughts.

Good words.

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Good deeds. That's what you should aspire to. But 15 years later, when Freddie invites his parents to watch his Live Aid performance on TV, Freddie reiterates those words: "Good thoughts. Just like you taught me, Papa. Freddie's father outlines the history of the Parsi people to Mary, saying that they fled from Persia present-day Iran to India to escape Muslim persecution.

We hear one reference to Zoroastrianism. Freddie sarcastically uses the phrases "speak in bloody tongues" and "the truth will set you free. While complaining about a racy video that's been banned by MTV in the U. Freddie and Mary fall in love. A scene in which she's buttoning her shirt perhaps suggests they've just had sex. In another post-coital moment, Mary's wrapped up in a blanket and Freddie's shirtless on a couch.

The members of the band show up at that moment, prompting Mary to pull the blanket up further to cover herself. The pair kisses passionately, and Freddie's shown on top of her in one scene though they're mostly clothed. But from then on, Freddie increasingly gravitates toward men. He and a truck driver swap leering glances. Freddie's manager, Paul, is attracted to him and eventually shares a passionate kiss with him.

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Paul clearly wants to go further, but it's not clear from the film whether that ever happens. Though he seems hesitant to embrace his same-sex attraction at first, Freddie eventually does—at least in private. Early on, Paul finds men for Freddie to sleep with. We see one such partner in his underwear on a hotel suite couch the next morning. We also see Freddie going into a red-light gay bar. He throws ever more flamboyant parties, mostly attended by gay men two of whom kiss in the background of one scene.

It's implied that Freddie is increasingly reckless in his promiscuity. At parties, men grab at each other's backsides and trade lustful looks. Further sexual behavior is implied, but not graphically shown in this PG movie. Other members of Queen are shown with fawning female fans, but their implied sexual antics don't get much screen time. Indeed, the band's other members grow weary of Freddie's anything-goes bacchanals. Freddie, for his part, is often shirtless, and he tends to dress in feminine-looking outfits. Freddie's health begins to decline before the Live Aid concert in He's shown getting an AIDS diagnosis a death sentence at the time.

Before Queen's Live Aid reunion, he tells the band that he has AIDS the timing of which is one of the film's fictionalized elements , an issue I've discussed more in a blog here. But Freddie refuses to let the disease define him: "I don't have time to be their victim, their AIDS poster boy, their cautionary tale. I decide what I'm going to be. Freddie ends up with a partner named Jim Hutton around the time of Live Aid, and the credits tell us that the two lived together until the singer's death in Mercury introduces Jim to his family before the concert.


We see them kiss. It's suggested that if Freddie had been able to come to terms with his homosexual identity sooner, perhaps he wouldn't have been so promiscuous. On the flip side, Mercury's promiscuity is also largely depicted as an out-of-control compulsion that doesn't satisfy or fulfill him for most of the movie. Freddie tells Queen's drummer, "Roger, there's only room in this band for one hysterical queen. We hear a few allusions to heterosexual activity, too. Freddie describes Mary as "an epic shag.

Queen shoots a video in which all of them are dressed up in drag.

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In another live TV performance, a camera focuses on Freddie's crotch as he gyrates, prompting a producer to tell the cameraman, "Come up, above the waist. Mary eventually comes to terms with Freddie's same-sex attraction and moves on with another guy named David, with whom she has a child.

We hear multiple crude references to the male anatomy. Female fans of the band dress revealingly, with some seen in underwear at a party. Freddie makes an extremely nasty statement about a female reporter's anatomy in response to her aggressive and antagonistic questions about his sexual preferences. Freddie threatens a manager he's just fired, telling him to get out of a limo during a rainstorm: "Out or I'll kill you! One f-word, half a dozen s-words. Jesus' name is misused once. We hear a few uses each of "a--," "a--hole," "d--n," "b--chy," "p-ss" and "h We also hear the British vulgarities "b-llocks" and "bloody.

Band members drink various alcoholic beverages throughout. Drugs are mentioned, we see Freddie take some unnamed pills. Cocaine is visible at a party. As Freddie becomes more promiscuous, his drinking and drug use accelerate dangerously. Freddie often smokes, too. At one such wild party, Freddie profanely invites his guests to get intoxicated.

While Freddie and Mary's loyalty is admirable in some ways, it's also deeply dysfunctional, and Freddie's narcissism comes at a great cost to Mary. She ends up moving into a mansion next door to his, for instance.

Sometimes Freddie calls her late at night, seeking the kind of emotionally intimate conversation a husband and wife might share—but it painfully reminds Mary that they're not a couple. Freddie's personal manager, Paul, increasingly tries to control the singer's life, threatening to blackmail Mercury with incriminating photos and withholding important information from him.