Dawn Till Dusk/De la aurora al crepúsculo

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M33 is easy to see with averted vision. Your telescope is vaguely apparent at a distance of 20 or 30 feet.

Variation of outdoor illumination as a function of solar elevation and light pollution

The naked-eye limiting magnitude is 6. Winter constellations in a suburban or rural-suburban transition sky, with the winter Milky Way visible but not dramatically so. Such a sky, fairly good by many people's standards, might rate 4 or 5 on Bortle's scale.

Many fainter stars than are depicted here would be visible with close scrutiny. John Bianchi Fairly obvious light-pollution domes are apparent over population centers in several directions. The zodiacal light is clearly evident but doesn't even extend halfway to the zenith at the beginning or end of twilight.

The Milky Way well above the horizon is still impressive but lacks all but the most obvious structure.

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Clouds in the direction of light-pollution sources are illuminated but only slightly so, and are still dark overhead. You can make out your telescope rather clearly at a distance. The maximum naked-eye limiting magnitude is 6. Class 5: Suburban sky. Only hints of the zodiacal light are seen on the best spring and autumn nights. The Milky Way is very weak or invisible near the horizon and looks rather washed out overhead. Light sources are evident in most if not all directions.

Over most or all of the sky, clouds are quite noticeably brighter than the sky itself. The naked-eye limit is around 5.

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Class 6: Bright suburban sky. No trace of the zodiacal light can be seen, even on the best nights. Any indications of the Milky Way are apparent only toward the zenith. Clouds anywhere in the sky appear fairly bright. You have no trouble seeing eyepieces and telescope accessories on an observing table. M33 is impossible to see without binoculars, and M31 is only modestly apparent to the unaided eye. The naked-eye limit is about 5. The entire sky background has a vague, grayish white hue. Strong light sources are evident in all directions. The Milky Way is totally invisible or nearly so. M44 or M31 may be glimpsed with the unaided eye but are very indistinct.

Clouds are brilliantly lit. Even in moderate-size telescopes, the brightest Messier objects are pale ghosts of their true selves. The naked-eye limiting magnitude is 5. Class 8: City sky. The sky glows whitish gray or orangish, and you can read newspaper headlines without difficulty.

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M31 and M44 may be barely glimpsed by an experienced observer on good nights, and only the bright Messier objects are detectable with a modest-size telescope. Some of the stars making up the familiar constellation patterns are difficult to see or are absent entirely.

"crepúsculo" English translation

The naked eye can pick out stars down to magnitude 4. Class 9: Inner-city sky. The entire sky is brightly lit, even at the zenith. Many stars making up familiar constellation figures are invisible, and dim constellations such as Cancer and Pisces are not seen at all. Aside from perhaps the Pleiades, no Messier objects are visible to the unaided eye. The only celestial objects that really provide pleasing telescopic views are the Moon, the planets, and a few of the brightest star clusters if you can find them. The naked-eye limiting magnitude is 4.

Nautical Twilight – Nautical Dawn & Dusk

Star Pilgrimage: Notes from Looking to the Heavens. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Akira Fujii. The same constellation panorama in an urban, Class 8 or 9 sky. On December Mrs. Convert currency.

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