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Is anybody talking about it today? In fact, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine just reviewed the data and came to the conclusion that GMOs are causally linked to problems like accelerated aging and immune system problems and damaged organs and gastrointestinal problems and dysfunction of insulin regulation based on the animal feeding studies that have been done. He was finally able to speak out the massive damage to rats that occurred when they were fed supposedly harmless genetically modified potatoes.

It became a huge food safety scandal in Europe and ten weeks later, in a single week, virtually every major food company committed to stop using GM ingredients. That was the tipping point that happened in ten weeks from one food safety scandal related to GMOs. So companies that committed ten years ago to stop using it maintain their commitment because they know if they use GMOs it would be like the skull and crossbones on their label. Caryn Hartglass: Okay. It was a while ago, it came out about five years ago. Every page gave me a heart attack. This is both history and modern day stuff because the person who made this blatant lie is now in the Obama administration.

Now that turned out to be complete deception. Forty-four thousand internal memos were made public from a lawsuit seven years later.

Will GMOs Hurt My Body? The Public’s Concerns and How Scientists Have Addressed Them

Jeffrey Smith: Well what happened was a friend of mine who forced a lawsuit…he had this big press conference in D. No one was willing to say that the FDA had lied to the country, had put GMOs onto the market without safety testing that had been demanded by their own scientists and in fact the documents even show that the first genetically modified food—the FlavrSavr Tomato—documents show that when it was fed to rats the seven of twenty developed stomach lesions, 7 of 40 died within two weeks.

The people at the FDA said it does not pass our normal tests for safety but the political appointees did not raise any objections. That gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling along with my stomach lesions. Among livestock about two dozen farmers claimed that their pigs or cows became sterile from a variety of the genetically modified corn.

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Buffalo in India that are eating genetically modified cottonseed more than half of them have reproductive problems like abortions or premature deliveries or sterility or prolapsed uteruses. So we see it in the laboratory, we see it in the livestock and if you look at the records in the United States, we see an increase in infant mortality, sterility and infertility and low birth-weight babies.

Also the government of Austria found the more genetically modified corn was fed to mice the less [ correct to fewer? This is getting pretty scary. Can you just give a very basic definition of what genetically modified foods are?

Jeffrey Smith: Yes. Genes are taken from one species, like bacteria or viruses, and forced into the DNA of plants. Those are the only eight food crops that are genetically engineered today on the shelf. The overwhelming reason why they genetically modified crops is so that they can drink poison and not die. So they sold with the poison, with the weed killer, you spray the field with Roundup ready soybeans…with Roundup herbicide and it kills all the other plant biodiversity but not the Roundup ready soybeans because they are herbicide-tolerant.

The other trait is that they produce their own poison. They produce an insecticide which kills insects by splitting open their stomachs. With genetic engineering you take genes from one species, like bacteria that can never naturally occur in the plant, you make some changes in the genetic code, you add a promoter which is an on switch—a virus, you add something else from another organism, you put millions of copies into a gene gun and shoot it into a plate of millions of cells, then you grow those cells through a process of cloning into a plant.

None of it is natural. Natural genes can be deleted, permanently turned off, permanently turned on and hundreds or thousands can change their levels of expression in the natural functioning DNA. Two to 4 percent of the gene of the DNA is different in the genetically modified crop compared to its parent. Most of that in unpredicted changes that can create side effects.

How to Eat a Non-GMO Diet with Jeffrey Smith

Caryn Hartglass: So you mentioned allergens and in the show just before mine on this Network they were talking about the four biggest allergens in our diet today which are dairy, soy, corn and wheat. Do you have any idea how much genetically modified foods have impacted the allergy rate in these foods?

Jeffrey Smith: No one has done any post-marketing surveillance looking at specifically the impact of GMOs on the statistics of allergies in this country.

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One small study showed that some people can have a skin prick reaction to the GM soy but not to the non-GM soy. The Roundup-ready protein which is designed to be produced inside crops, that has properties of a known allergen. They also found a completely new allergen which was never intended that is produced inside genetically modified soy. Also when they fed the soy to mice, the mice pancreas produced less digestive enzymes. If we end up having slower digestion because of that then we end up giving these proteins in our digestive system longer time to produce an allergic reaction.

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So eating GM soy might give you an allergic reaction to a wide variety of products. The BT toxin which is created in these corn and cotton plants, that has a naturally allergic and toxic reaction in humans and animals and now thousands of people in India who pick the cotton are getting allergic reactions—rashes all over their bodies and animals that are eating the cotton plants after harvest are dying by the thousands. Not as high a percentage of corn on the cob but the corn used for cornmeal and corn syrup and of course animal seed.

Once you put a genetically modified crop into the environment it cross pollinates and that damaged gene pool self-propagates and can outlast the effects of global warming and nuclear waste. That means long after we stop eating genetically engineered foods we may still have these dangerous genetically modified proteins produced inside us possibly for the rest of our lives. To put this in perspective, corn is genetically engineered to produce a toxic poison that kills insects called BT.

If that gene transfers to our gut bacteria it could theoretically turn it into living pesticide factories, producing it over and over inside our guts. The Hawaii papaya, zucchini and crook neck squash have viral genes which might produce viral proteins which could theoretically help disable our defenses against viral infections.

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We may be colonizing the gut bacteria throughout North America. Jeffrey Smith: Great question. BT is a bacteria from the soil. When they gather the bacteria by itself they put it in spray form and the organic farmers and forestry people spray it on plants and it kills insects. It gets washed off, it gets biodegraded within a couple of weeks and most of it within 48 hours. However, it is not completely benign.

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They used it by airplane to spray for gypsy moth infestation in the Pacific Northwest about people complained of allergic reaction and flu-type symptoms. With the crops they actually make the BT toxin even stronger than the natural toxin. They genetically engineer it to be more toxic—the concentration levels of thousands of times that of the spray form. It even has properties of a known allergen.

It stays inside the plant. They are just touching the cotton, picking it from the plants, even loading it onto trucks. Caryn Hartglass: Right…everyone always said more is better, bigger is better. Jeffrey Smith: The Italian government just did a study citing that BT corn when fed to mice would provoked an immune response in the mice suggesting that it might be allergenic or immuno-stimulating in humans as well.

Jeffrey Smith: The thing is most processed foods use GM derivatives—the soy and corn derivatives in particular—you have soy lecithin, soy protein isolate, corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin. If you go to our site healthiereating. It explains how to avoid the GM ingredients, lists the brands that are non-GMO, it also lists all the derivatives or most of them from the genetically modified plants.

Jeffrey Smith: That brings people to the responsible technology site. Either one, depends on which one you can memorize. Caryn Hartglass: So they all get you everywhere— healthiereating. Many have died both the older buffalo and the calves. Many animals when fed GM crops in the laboratory inexplicably passed on. Some of these research studies done by industry are meticulously designed to avoid finding problems. They dilute their products.

Will GMOs Hurt My Body? The Public’s Concerns and How Scientists Have Addressed Them

They use the wrong control groups. And yet you end up with these sick and dead animals nonetheless which they just write off as saying not treatment related without any justification. In my most recent book Genetic Roulette I have a whole forty page part about how they rigged their research like with bovine growth hormone which is a genetically engineered drug injected into cows to increase milk supply. We talked about it at the beginning.