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I reckon you can often spot an adult who moved around a lot as a kid, I tell him. They tend to have a sense of detachment, self-sufficiency, maybe loner tendencies and a strong sense of independence, I say. He and his sister had multiple stepfathers.

Did his father ever contact him again? This was after his father had been convicted for selling heroin? So why not? Hell, you need a licence to catch a fish. Often the class clown at school, Reeves liked sport and loved acting, and got an agent as a teenager after being talent-spotted in a play. He dropped out of high school before graduation. Back in the s, he was the go-to pin-up for all teenagers who wanted a beautiful, gentle and safely asexual boyfriend hi!

But his acting, if not his looks, has been a more debatable subject. It would have been pretty funny if Branagh had said that, though.

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But the pigeonholing just comes from journalists and, yeah, that happens a lot. OK, he might not have been perfectly cast in Much Ado and acting opposite John Malkovich and Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons when he was only 24 was never going to be a fair fight. But he has always been a far more varied actor than the snarkers allow.

And of all the improbable actors who became action stars in the s — Alec Baldwin, Nicolas Cage — Reeves seemed the most at home in the genre, in the still deliciously enjoyable Point Break and Speed, which he made in between smaller indie fare.

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So did he do the big movies in order to fund the smaller projects? But I guess those movies were in reaction to each other. We shared an artistic sensibility. River was just so down-to-earth, spiritual and a unique artist. They had something else in common, a shared experience suggested in the now almost unbearably moving scene where the two sit by a campfire and talk haltingly about their childhoods.

Mike Phoenix : If I had a normal family, and a good upbringing, then I would have been a well-adjusted person. Was that another thing that drew them together? Most popular motel with breakfast included in Three Rivers. Most reviewed motel with breakfast included in Three Rivers. Most booked motel with breakfast included in Three Rivers. View all 14 deals. Sequoia Motel in Three Rivers. View all 5 deals. Kaweah Chakra Resort. So, when it came time to pick a place to stay, we wanted one with some convenience, some solitude, and some Gateway Restaurant and Lodge.

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Cort Cottage. It was extremely close to the entrance of Sequoia National Park, so it was an easy commute to and back from the cottage during our trip here! The cottage itself was Three Rivers Bed and Breakfast. Loved having breakfast on the patio looking over the river. Quiet, super comfortable bed, the pillows left something to be desired. Three Rivers Hideaway. Staff were lovely and helpful and we enjoyed our quick stay! Free Internet. Lake Elowin Resort. Paradise Canyon Cabins.

Nothing that had ever been promised to him. Home, Will, imagine that!

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The calculation in his mind was how soon he could get set up in the Hawkesbury trade, so that it would be the most logical thing in the world to need a base on the river: in short, when he would be able to stand on that point of land and know it was his. Not a month went by without some new outrage or depredation. During their first day, Willie and Thornhill began to plant a cornfield to mark their territory. Later that day, Thornhill grew aware of two natives watching him.

Thornhill offered them pork as a peace offering only to have the natives throw the food to the ground in disgust. Determined to maintain his area, Thornhill slapped one of the men but the consequential sound of spears lifted in the forest frightened the family. Having established their point, the two men returned into the forest. He now grew grains that were sent to the market.

As an emancipist, Spider grew corn that was repeatedly stolen by the natives. Loveday made his living by selling pumpkins and melons. Their conversation revolved around the natives, with the visitors sharing their personal encounters.