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When not changing his major each week, Danny loves to gorge on the incredible vegetarian options here on campus.

When not giving tours, you'll see Mo around Claremont, driving his kiddos to their various activities, browsing at the Claremont Farmer's Market or lounging about with other students discussing politics and policy in Carnegie. Lily is undeclared but thoroughly enjoys math, art, dance, sociology and boba. She is a sponsor for Blaisdell 2 Front go B2F! Every Friday she sells bread in the morning with Challah for Hunger and works with students at a nearby school in the afternoons with Pomona Partners, a program at the Draper Center for Community Partnerships.

Jeff is a Dear-Evan-Hansen -obsessed improv nerd who loves acting in student and Theatre Department shows.

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Jeff likes to play intramural basketball but is constantly reminded that it likes to play him, too. She loves eating especially at the 5C dining halls , swimming in the Pitzer pool, and reading. Hailing from San Francisco, Eric Garcia is fascinated by the biological mechanisms of human behavior. When she is not studying, she is building Lego-like animals and running around beautiful Claremont. You can catch her walking around campus—a little too fast for all of her West Coast friends. He spends a fair amount of his time serving as a Resident Advisor , supporting students as a Pre-Health Liaison, and acting as student body president.

You can find Alejandro longboarding to class or attempting to take his cat, Luna, on walks across Marston Quad. Happiness to Alejandro is exploring Southern California, seeing what next food adventure awaits. Born in Orange County, CA, raised in middle-of-nowhere Tennessee, and schooled outside of Philadelphia, Tray has been all over for his education before coming full circle back to sunny SoCal for college. He loves trying new things and can be seen around campus hanging out with friends, juggling a hacky sack, or singing on his longboard. Henry loves hiking, camping and listening to music, so feel free to ask him for music suggestions or about that time he thought he was going to be eaten by a coyote.

A proud Sagehen who runs for both the women's cross country and track teams, Bella also works at the McAlister Center for Religious Activities. Ashley is leaning toward a major in Public Policy Analysis with a focus on Economics and a minor in Cognitive Science. She loves reading and watching documentaries, and her ultimate guilty pleasures have to be watching the TV show Psych and binging on Candy Crush. He also enjoys acting, singing and exploring Southern California with friends.

Diabetes Camp for Adults - SoCal Slipstream through Libby's eyes

Born and raised in northeastern China, Derry now lives in Vancouver, Canada. His spirit animal is a sloth. When not napping, you can find him cruising between the darkroom and Seaver North, where he attempts to make some magic out of chemicals. He has changed his majors four times and is still very unsure about what he wants to do.

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Michelle regularly performs in dance concerts, plays the piano and works as a mentor in the Math department. She loves Philz coffee and wearing flip flops, and, outside of class and the dance studio, you can find her stashing away Hagoromo chalk in Millikan likely , sleeping in front of the Living Room fireplace more likely , or eating curly fries at the Hub most likely. Off campus, his favorite place is the Santa Monica Pier. On campus, he enjoys being part of the Theatre crew and the Pomona Events Committee. His fun fact: he once ate a two-pound burrito.

Selena can sum up her passions in three words: politics, foreign languages, and education. Kamil is involved with numerous political and activist organizations on campus. Baldy and browsing through LPs at our local record shop, Rhino Records. Gillian hopes to one day overcome her fear of heights and climb the leaning tree in Marston Quad, but for now she is content with sitting on the beautiful and well-manicured lawn while people approach her and ask to pet her amazing dog.

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German and Singaporean, Lukas served in the Singapore Military for two years prior to enrolling at Pomona College, where he is pursuing his interests in computer science, economics and Chinese. Lukas is a member of the Pomona-Pitzer Swim Team a top nationally ranked Division III Swim program and won the national championship in the yard breaststroke as a freshman.

There are so many interesting things to study at Pomona that Skye has had a tough time declaring a major so she picked two. When Tulika is not giving tours, she enjoys listening to Bollywood music, watching trashy television shows, and playing with other peoples' dogs. When she is not studying, she can be found practicing hand lettering with her fancy brush pens or lying on Marston Quad reading her favorite books. Ethan can be seen regularly making boba at Milk and Honey, waiting for the Thatcher elevator with his double bass, and boarding a little too fast past Marston Quad.

He loves artists such as Hyukoh, Zion T.

Being from New England, he is often soaking up the California sun on Marston Quad, or else adventuring with friends somewhere in Southern California. He also sings, dances, lifeguards sometimes all three simultaneously , acts, and searches for the best frozen yogurt in all of Los Angeles.

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Gabe joined the Pomona community as a sophomore transfer student from a large public university. A member of the Pomona Consulting Group and Pomona Ventures , Gabe also enjoys hiking, photography, skiing, and discovering new coffee shops.


In her free time, she enjoys getting sushi with her friends in the Claremont Village and watching late night political satire to excess. In the future, he wants to pursue a career in dentistry—he currently serves on the board for the 5C Pre-Dental Club and volunteers at nearby schools to teach good brushing skills. Coming from the fast pace of NYC, Andriw enjoys slowing things down and taking long naps under the sun on Marston Quad. He spends a lot of his time in club volleyball and tennis practices trying to better his games.

Her favorite class has been Immigration, Public Opinion, and Media. Elizabeth is heavily involved in the dance community at Pomona as a part of the 5C dance group Groove Nation and as a regular performer in Fall and Spring Dance Concerts. When she is not in lab, Elizabeth spends her time baking for Challah for Hunger , guiding tour groups and petting dogs in Claremont with her kind and loving friends! An East Coaster-turned-West Coaster, Leah can be found living her best liberal arts life on this beautiful campus which she feels lucky to call her home. She loves exploring outside her major she is currently taking classes in politics, religious studies, and Spanish , being part of the dance department, doing homework over coffee in the Village and, of course, giving tours.

Harini is a CS major who is also kind of ruining her life by trying to complete all the pre-med requirements. Whenever she has free time, Harini loves hanging out with her friends and watching way too much TV. Kari is exploring courses in Arabic, Philosophy, and anything else that piques her interest. Meanwhile, she spends most days smiling—laughing with friends, napping on Marston Quad, and punching with vigor in Claremont Boxing Club. Kari especially enjoys going on trips with Pomona College Model UN, de-stressing by making art, and searching for the 5C chocolate chip cookie that reigns supreme.

Anna is usually talking or laughing—often loudly. A native Oregonian, she actually enjoys the rare rainy days here in Claremont. In her free time, Anna searches for the best non-dairy milk and shares her affinity for stripes. I mean, I remember watching that and watching the inauguration live.

So, I had a big attachment to her, but I had no idea that I would be literally devastated by her dying. After a couple months I just thought I have to do something with this feeling, something creative. HT : I'm from Philadelphia.

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I don't have any special kinship to Texas or Ann, and it's funny because over the years, working the research, I really immersed myself for about three years. I mean, I turned to ice. I essentially withdrew from Two and a Half Men. I really tried to give as much time as I could to my research, which was, which I never wanted to stop. In fact, I never did stop it. But after about three years, I felt I've got to start writing because I've got to still be ambulatory by the time I get this thing written so that I can do it for a couple of years.

When she was governor, and when she was rising through the political ranks, what about her, drew you to her? She's such an out-sized character. HT : Well, her wonderful reality. Her reality for humanity and her empathy, and her sense of fairness. You could really feel that potently. These were essential parts of her that were in her marrow, and those feelings showed themselves in her policies, in the things that she tried to achieve.