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Charles Ridgely, Jr. By the plantation owner had accrued enough income from iron and grain production to build the Georgian mansion that now serves as the centerpiece of the Hampton National Historic Site. Baltimore Town developed rapidly as a result of a series of wars that unfolded in the latter half of the eighteenth century. Conflict between France and England, from to , proved advantageous to Baltimore merchants who exploited disruptions in European shipping. The city grew in population as refugee communities seeking safety and opportunity settled in the area. Scottish and German immigrants experienced in milling eventually invested capital in waterfront properties, where they built wharves extending more than 1, feet into the Patapsco River.

The establishment of cotton and powder factories along the Patapsco River and Jones Falls attracted new waves of laborers who formed neighborhoods centered near sites of industry, including Federal Hill. He designed a socially stratified gridiron pattern comprising main streets, side streets, and small alleys.

The city had also become substantially fortified during this period as a result of its strategic location along the Patapsco River. These and other actions eventually provoked the British to attack by land and sea. By the population of Baltimore had reached 45,, requiring the town to expand its boundaries from three to ten square miles.

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In Baltimore merchants applied to the Maryland legislature for the incorporation of a joint-stock company called the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Communities of laborers formed thriving neighborhoods, such as Locust Point and Union Square, around these centers of industry.

From the Blanket to the Grove

The war also left its mark on the landscape in other ways. Fort McHenry was converted into a prison camp, while additional fortifications were built upon Federal Hill. Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, reformers, concerned about the potential adverse effects of industrialization on both physical and mental health, pushed for the creation of several Baltimore parks.

Patterson Park, originally created in , was expanded and improved both before and after the War. From to , city leaders transformed the former plantation estates of Charles Carroll the Barrister and Johns Hopkins into two of Baltimore's premier recreational spaces, Carroll Park and Clifton Park, respectivley. By more than suburban villages encircled the urban center. As Jewish families and other European minorities gained wealth and success, they migrated from east Baltimore to the northwest suburbs where they formed more spacious neighborhoods, including Park Circle.

Longstanding institutions also sought opportunities to relocate. Johns Hopkins University moved to it is current location in , leaving its campus on the former estate of Charles Carroll, Jr. The society, in collaboration with the Parks Board, began acquiring acreage to create parks in and around Baltimore, including Latrobe and Wyman Park in the latter to include what is now known as Wyman Park Dell. That same year the Society hired the Olmsted Brothers firm to draw up a new city plan. In the same year that the Olmsted report was published, a fire destroyed downtown Baltimore, burning through acres and razing 1, buildings before being extinguished at Jones Falls.

Horace M. Albright and Reverand Lyman P.

Powell, Dr. Duprey, Worcester, MA;. Webb, R. Frederick T. Goodrich Co. Teter, Garden and housing development near NYC;. Correspondence - payment for services rendered and expenses. Correspondence - Nolen's office's request for pamphlets, articles, studies, organizational information. Correspondence with publishers, newspaper and magazine editors, universities. Correspondence with publishers, newspaper and magazine editors. Correspondence with publishers, publicity agents, newspaper and magazine editors; Pennsylvania State Registration Board for Professional Engineers;.

Catalogues and price lists for plants, seeds, bulbs from nurseries, wholesale growers and florists throughout U. Christmas greeting cards from individuals and businesses. Massachusetts Unemployment Compensation Commission. Correspondence - unemployment compensation legislation. Correspondence, pamphlets - magazine advertising, Happy Valley development. Pamphlets - The E. Howard Clock Co. Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers of iron fences.

Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers of wooden fences. Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers of garden accessories - wooden and metal furniture, flower pots, flag poles, fountains, signs, sundials; The Boston Herald Book of Gardens ; Blueprints - The House Beautiful Publishing Co. Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers of residential buildings - Century of Progress Lumber Industries House; steel windows and doors; heating; store fronts; Celotax insulating lumber; steel roofs; furntiture; doors, veneered and solid; Stran-steel frame construction.

Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers of indoor and outdoor lighting components - floodlights, subways; indoor fixtures; street illumination; spotlights; footlights; railways; nautical; concrete; metal. Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers of street light systems - streets and highways, boulevards, railways, ornamental, undergound; European street light systems. Correspondence, pamphlets by manufacturers and retailers of bronze products - Gorham Company Bronze Division, proposed tablet for Nevins Memorial Fountain at Walpole, MA; bronze memorials and tablets.

Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers of brick products and related materials - decorative brickwork; roofing and floor tiles; tapestry brick and tilework; metal Spanish tile and shingles; California Stucco, colored plaster; Enfield Pottery floor and wall tiles. Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers of concrete products - roads, pavement, and sidewalks; at home and on the farm; decorative; production; concrete masonry construction; floors; bridges; parks and playgrounds.

Photographs of stone buildings; Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers of stone products - Ashlar wall facing; flagging and flooring; roofing; Ambastone; sandstone; Mettowee Stone; slate; garden ornamentation; garden terracotta; decorative pottery. Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers of wrought iron products - old doors and door-knockers; Metalace, woven metal; fire screens; Wendell August Forge, artistic hand wrought iron; 'Wrought Iron in Architecture" by Gerald K.

Geerlings; Early American wrought iron; fencing; decorative; castings. Pamphlets, brochures by manufacturers and retailers - steel bleachers and grandstands; metal flagpoles; wood and metal playground equipment; tennis courts; garden furniture; drinking fountains; brass pipe installation; copper water tubing. Pamphlet, "Spraying the Home Garden" by B. Brochures by manufacturers - Readymade steel signs; electric automatic signal tower. Du Pont "Hand Book of Explosives". Correspondence with Clarence L. Newton, Boston attorney - legal action against Phillip W. Foster after dissolution of partnership; legal action against Mr.

Reading for unpaid bill. Resume, correspondence, advertising copy and drawings, article - Stafford's application to work for Nolen; city planning propoganda; "What is City Planning? Correspondence with publisher B. Huebsch - city planning publications. Assorted photos etc.

Parks Canada - A History of Canada's National Parks (Volume I)

Battery Park Hotel, Hill; Grovemont housing. Photos of modular concrete construction. Adelaide, Canberra, map of Adelaide. Lots of photos of the city, architecture. Mostly images of artist's depiction of city sights; folder of negatives from Brookline, MA. Images of natural and working waterfront, city and neighborhoods.

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Artists depictions of proposed buildings. Memorial Blvd, and photo of new administration bldg. Handful of photos, various subjects.

Print Map Inventory

Quebec city, gardens in Halifax. Photos of small houses, Includes some negatives, labeled Musselman ridge, Chattanooga creek, Jackson Park, mostly natural scenery in area.

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Some town photos. A few folders of negatives and prints of shore, small houses, etc.