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Why, to get rid of the other pesky alien races, of course! Nothing would be better to an isolationist than an empty galaxy. I don't think that what you describe is the actual awakening of a FE. Let me elaborate: The characteristics of Fallen Empires are that they are mostly passive. They don't research, don't expand and have few diplomatic relations with outsiders. They will deal with the issue and go back to isolation. From the perspective of a FE, crushing some upstarts is nothing to write home about and certainly no reason to make any lasting changes i.

A FE that truly awakes will again begin to expand, research and engage in diplomacy. For that to happen it will need something truly extraordinary. Think extra-dimensional invaders or other endgame crises.

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I imagine another player empire that manages to catch up to them and maybe starts conquering their planets might also do the trick. As if all can be, it gives the idea that they are what they are now on purpose. And I want to see some FE that actually feel like they have fallen from grace. They keep the technology of yore, but they have forgotten how it even works, just that it does. Their mighty warships and stations are relics, irreplaceable, they can only maintain them, but building more is long since beyond their grasp.

I want FE that feel like Rome as it collapses, a mighty empire in decline, not in some self imposed isolation.

I know how to awake military isolationist, bomb their harbor without declaring war! We do know that they can awaken by themselves , as an end-game crisis :.

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Either one of these races will decide to kick themselves back into gear and come charging out of their peaceful regions in technologically superior ships - or two will, going to war with one-another over ancient feuds, with you and any other cowering mortal races rather stuck in the crossfire. And, of course, if the player - or some AI civ - is reckless enough to declare war on a fallen empire, it'll oblige, as seen on the Blorg stream, and it remains to be seen whether it'd go back to slumber after dealing with the offender Dev Diary 15 supports the idea of Fallen Empires acting out against players if they take certain actions to anger them.

He also touched on it in the latest Blorg stream the fourth stream, in episode 9 of the Youtube series. So that much is true.

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The tweet and your quote don't contradict. The quote says that they're considering that as an endgame crisis, not that it exists yet. What might they be up to? What would set them off? Do we know for sure that there is a FE for every ethos? As in, maybe there isn't a Fanatic Militarist FE This would be very interesting. I remember a sci-fi book I read a few years back Revelation Space?

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Or maybe one of Iain M Banks' stuff? Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Awakening Fallen Empires.

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Thanks for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts. I've collected his tweets here: They lack a reason or the ability to [rise again]. Continue this thread. This post is just my speculation, but it seems plausible to me. I hope some cant be awakened. So basically the Vorlons and Shadows going at it? She wa The demons human by Strawberry shortcake Jeon Jungkook is the youngest of the 3 demon princes in the underworld.

Every demon has a soul mate and has to go to Earth to find their soul mate. Park Jimin is an orph Eternal - Sequel of "His", "Bound" This story was previously known as "Simply Eternal". The Dark Angel by harriehout9 Sara is an ordinary girl with a boring life. She gets bullied at school and her parents are always working. She makes a wish that changes her entire life. I made this s They say angels are sweet and protecting,But Have you ever heard of Angels w When the sun goes down the moon rose up, we we're angels from hell, light from the darkness, The period of evening when twilight takes place between daylight and darkn Dark Angel by Huntress K 1.

Clary and Jace break up. She leaves, and after few years she's been sent to the New York Institute. What will happen when she comes back? Is she still the same, scary l Persephone Jackson was betrayed by the person she thought she could trust.

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