The Cowboy

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The Cowboy In Action

Also in The Wyoming Cowboy Series. Also by Jessica Clare.

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The myth of the cowboy

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Cowboy sells its bikes directly to consumers on its online store. I rode 70 kilometers 43 miles in the streets of Paris to try it out. For context, riding a bike in Paris is nothing new for me. I primarily use my non-electric bike to go from point A to point B — bikes are commuting devices for me. From the outside, the Cowboy e-bike is a sleek bike.

It features a seamless triangle-shaped aluminum frame, integrated lights and a low-key Cowboy logo near the saddle.

The Cowboy e-bike is so good I want to cycle with it off into the sunset

The handlebar is perfectly straight like on a mountain bike. The only sign that this is an e-bike is that the frame is much larger below the saddle.

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  8. The e-bike is relatively light at 16 kg 35 lbs. Most of the weight is at the back of the Cowboy e-bike because of the battery. Cowboy has opted for an automatic transmission — motor assistance kicks in automatically when you need it the most, such as when you start pedaling, accelerate or go uphill. If you usually ride on a normal bike, this feels weird at first. I constantly shift from one gear to another.

    With the Cowboy e-bike, you have to trust the bike and forget about gears. The electric motor kicks in a second after you start pedaling. It means that you are much faster than people using regular bikes.

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    And you can reach a speed of 30 to 35 kmph in no time 18 to 22 mph. Yes, this bike is fast. Fortunately, the brakes work surprisingly well. You have to be careful with them.

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    I was able to ride from one end of Paris to another without breaking a sweat. Sure, the Cowboy e-bike is fast, but I only saved a few minutes compared to my non-electric bike.