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It is said to be a more rapid path, but it is also more dangerous. There is a quality of directness, abruptness, and wholeheartedness.

Tantrikas , or vajrayana practitioners, recognize that the most challenging aspects of life, the energies and play of confused emotions and frightening obstacles, can be worked with as gateways to freedom and realization. Other topics covered in detail in this volume include the four reminders, the mandala principle, mahamudra, atiyoga, and more. These volumes display the far-reaching goodness that can be created in the world when compassion and devotion come together. Menu Search.

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Search: Search. My Account Login. Shambhala logo. Browse Inside. It is matter, soul, energy in all forms and shapes. It is the other side of the medallion. The statue of a spectacular, adorned woman is a symbol representing this elevated concept. Such symbolism is not only rooted in Hindu culture, where yoga comes from.

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Shakti has many names. It is known as Pachamama — mother of earth and time — in the Andean tradition. She is Durga as the principle form of Mother Goddess in Hinduism. In tantra she is Mahamaya, the ultimate shapeless form of the divine Mother Goddess. Shakti is revered as the great creator across many cultures. Shakti is creation in all forms.

It is also the body of a human being in its flesh and bones; the mind generating thoughts and emotions as different forms of energy; the knowledge giving birth to concepts and values such as time, space, death, beauty, compassion, abundance. In short Shakti is the creative power in everything that we can conceive and beyond. Tantra is a science of working with these energies. Tantrics observing the flow of life developed a technology around this practice.

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One step towards this practice is using the symbolism of the deities to to represent different aspects of manifestation. Find out more about OverDrive accounts.

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